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50cc with large wheels

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    I have a Kymco People 50cc 2 stroke and live the big wheels. I’m not loving the two stroke motor. Are there any larger wheel 50cc scooters like this that are 4 strokes?



    Really? Spaz is not going to like to hear this. Why do you not like the 2 stroke?

    I am not aware of any gy6 4 stroke scoots with wheels larger than 10″ diameter. Others here can respond if they do.




    If you really don’t like the 2t you should donate it 🙂 here is a 139qmb long case?



    A Kymco 2T is top of the line stuff,remember a 2T fires every stroke,a 4T every other stroke(read 1/2 the power)..Ive got lots of friends who prefer a 2T for scoot use as they are more powerful,reliable,and easier to maintain.Their drawback is they do burn more fuel(remember-fires every stroke),need a seperate oil tank and do smoke a bit..There is no choice for me,,2T or Die!!



    Didn’t want to start an argument between the two faiths. Just asking for referral to big wheel four strokes



    Its all good man, whatever gets your knees in the breeze right?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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