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Aprilia Habana What to do

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    A bit left field but I’ll give it a try here… I’ve got a 16 year old Aprilia Habana 125 that runs fine, just passed its MOT but is as tatty as hell. All the ABS plastic seems to be bio-degrading. Like many things these days, it drives really nicely but isn’t made to last long or be looked after by typical owners.

    Any interesting thoughts on what to do with it? I asked on the Aprilia forum and the only response was shine it up and sell it. Perhaps the best idea but it isn’t going to be worth anything. I did wonder if the Aprilia pre-leader engine came in bigger sizes that could be swapped in. Or an engine of approx the same physical size & shape It was originally my wife’s bike and while I dislike plastic twist and go’s it’s so low and stable i could imagine riding it when too decrepit to cope with my motorbike or LML. So recreate panels in fibreglass or kevlar, (not talented enough to roll something space age in copper or aluminium), change the engine, or just pass it on.




    If it ain’t worth much, have a play around with the bodywork/ paint work. If you don’t like it then you’ll probably still get a bit flogging it on. Cheers



    I think you might find a couple of buyers for it, even if it is 16 years old. This model is very solid and should still last a long time, if taken care of properly.



    Thanks a lot! This information really helpful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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