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    I have got 2 1984 Areo 125. One has 83 miles and the other 156. They are in excellent condition. I see that they are rare. Is there a market for them and what are they worth?



    There is a market. Those are quality bikes, but some parts may be difficult to find due to age and the fact they were sold in the US for a short time. They are worth what buyers are willing to pay. The amount of time you want to spend waiting for the right buyer is also a factor.

    In this post I won’t be telling you how much your Aero 125 scooters are worth!

    But with older scooters, condition is everything. Sure, they have very low mileage, but it depends on how they were stored. In many cases scooters (as well as motorcycles and cars) with higher mileage may be in better running condition because they haven’t been sitting unused, left to deteriorate/rot/rust.



    There is definitely a market for them. You might even find collectors who are willing to buy them for a good price. Not sure exactly how much they are worth. Depends on the condition, mileage and such. And also what a potential buyer is expecting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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