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150cc Scooters are particularly balanced among power, execution and upkeep costs and these ought to be known as the best Scooters in USA. Scooters are regularly for people who require content with riding over a movement congested city, moreover when more space than a motorbike is required these Scooters are immaculate specialists. USA masses welcome the Scooters specifically, because of budgetary points of interest and the method for the lanes. 150cc Scooters come in at a barely higher cost range, while the impact yield changes for the extra money one needs to pay. In case you are in enthusiasm for one best bicycle in USA, you may need to seek inside the 150cc engine limit.


The Type of 150cc Scooter

  1. Hero ZIR: This association focused on making motorbikes by the trademark Hero Honda in earlier days, yet to decide the dispute between this motto and Japanese producer Honda’s; Hero Motor Corp has remained adjacent to their past procedures. In any case, the best in class ZIR is going to have the going with plan.

Engine Displacement: 157 cc.

Maximum power output: 13.9 bhp at 8,500 bhp.

Maximum torque output: 12.7 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Rated top speed: 110 kmph.


  1. Vespa SXL 150: Vespa Scooters are hugely conspicuous the entire route over the world. At some point in the past all Scooters were implied by the expression “Vespa” since this association had basically transformed into the image of Scooters wherever all through the world. The Vespa SXL 150 offers extra inflexible nature over the whole case, and offers satisfactory space for both the rider and the pillion. Particular points of interest on Vespa SXL 150 are –

Engine displacement: 150 cc

Maximum power output: 11.40 bhp at 7,000 rpm.

Maximum torque output: 11.50 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Transmission: Automatic.


  1. Vespa VXL 150: Vespa VXL 150 is fairly underpowered than the SXL 150 model, similarly the visual appearance is very changed. The looks are more extraordinary driven, more settled styled yet the engine determinations are verging on unclear. Specific points of interest of Vespa VXL 150 are –

Engine displacement: 150 cc.

Maximum power output: 11.40 bhp at 7,000 rpm.

Maximum torque output: 11.50 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Transmission: Automatic.


  1. Kinetic Blaze: Kinetic Blaze isn’t a much heard bicycle in the 150 cc part, yet the setup and arrangement of the Kinetic Blaze is truly stunning. The seat is secluded in two unmistakable areas in the model in this way palatable pleasant accommodation for the rider and the pillion are planned. Specific subtle elements –

Engine Displacement: 165 cc.

Maximum power output: 11 bhp.

Transmission: Automatic.


  1. Honda PCX 150: Honda PCX 150 is a premium bicycle model showcased by the Japanese creator Honda in Japan. The seating game-plan is very wide with sufficient seating, in like manner the diagram is sufficiently keen for both courteous fellows and ladies; nevertheless it’s more suited towards the noble men. Specific particulars –

Engine displacement: 153 cc.

Maximum power output: 13.4 bhp.

Transmission: Automatic.

Fuel tank capacity: 8 liters.


The expense would vacillate transversely over different showrooms, the best technique for finding the watchful quality quote is to check with your nearest ex-showroom. The sticker cost would shift in each range by a slight edge. You can in like manner found some other association 150cc Scooters. Case in point: TGB-X Race 150, TGB-Bullet RS 150, CF Moto-Leader 150, CF Moto-V-Night 150, SYM-Classic (SYM) 150, SYM-Symphony SR (SYM) 150, PGO-X-Hot(PGO) 150 FI, Manhattan-150 G, Piaggio-Liberty 150 3V, Hunter-Hunter 150cc et cetera.


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