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Today, scooters have become an innovative, recreational accessory that has greatly improved how most people get entertained and commute outdoors. They do not pollute the environment as compared to motorcycles and vehicles. This make them very good for travelling outdoors such as to the mall.

Scooters have a very stable design which works best for both adults and kids. They have a lightweight design thus do not require special skills or effort in order for you to use them. All you need is to ensure that the wheels are stable, contain smooth designs for rolling which will work very well in a all terrains, and use quality materials. Are your scooter wheels damaged and require replacement? Below are some models that you can use to increase functionality, are durable and ensure you enjoy as you ride the scooter.

  1. Madd Gear Aero core

These are stylish red and black themed design which will add charm to your scooter. They are found on amazon at very cheap prices. They have a very strong hub which ensures that one enjoys riding them without worrying about breaking off and snapping. Their maintenance and installations are very straight forward. They have stylish graphics printed on them and do not fade with time. Their tires are made of heavy duty polyurethane making them non marking, durable and have a good grip on all surfaces.

  1. Crisp F1 Forged Scooter Wheel

These wheels have forged design that is durable and helps in supporting of heavy weights without the wheel losing its shape as time goes by or bending. They have a 110 mm design which is convenient and have an all new black and silver theme which works very well on several types of scooters. These wheels come with ABEC 9 bearings that ensure rides are smooth and do not fall over time. They also come with 88A PU tires that dampen impact and have good grip of all types of terrains.

  1. Fuzion 7 Spoke Metal core

They have seven spokes metallic core that offers you smooth rides and are able to withstand daily is made of 6061 T6 aluminum that make its core very durable and rust resistant. They also have a quicksilver finish which does not chip or lose its functional and structural appeal as the years go comes with ABEC 9 Fuzion bearings that are durable that ensure stable and smooth experience while you ride the scooter. These wheels are very convenient for daily use and are also cheap to buy.

These are three of the best replacement wheels that you can buy for your scooter.



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