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Restoring your scooter is very important if you want it to perform better and serve you well. You can either decide to do it yourself provided you have an idea of what’s required of you. Consider restoring your scooter according to your abilities and financial muscles depending on what’s needed.

Here are restoring tips to consider;

Repair work is normally determined by the age, mileage, and condition of your scooter. An old scooter may have rusty parts that can easily be repaired. It is, therefore, important to double check your engine parts for any faulty parts on a regular basis as a way of restoring your scooter. For instance, you may find that your tire has a slow puncture but it’s still new. In such instances, the most sensible thing to do is repair it.A faulty speedometer, locks, and faulty cables only need to be repaired not replaced. Consider checking your scooter’s screws, nuts or bolts and tighten them accordingly. You should also think of examining your brake system, axles, muffler fasteners, steering and wheel bearings for slight repairable damages regularly. By doing all these you can rest assured that your scooter will be in good shape and you will save money too.

The replacing phase occurs when some parts are irreparable. Consider replacing air filters, gaskets, brake pads, faulty headlight bulbs, engine oils, O-rings, pistons, seals, bearings and carburetor among other important parts that cannot be repaired. It is imperative for you to keep servicing your scooter after every few months depending on how you use it.By replacing all damaged and worn out parts you are assured of riding a high-performance scooter. It would be imprudent to ignore changing your transmission oil, brake linings, and worn out tires and expect your scooter to perform well. It is, however, essential to ensure that all replacements are compatible with your scooter before buying them.

You should consider cleaning your scooter every day. It is one of the most effective ways of restoring your scooter. There are some parts that need to be cleaned on a regular basis to function properly. For instance think of cleaning your fuel tank, air cleaner, and spark plugs after a certain period of time. Consider lubricating all rotating parts such as the bearings and throttle among others to enhance their performance.


You can have an old scooter that performs like a new one with the right restoration ideas. Consider applying the above tips to boost your scooter’s performance and durability.

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