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The design of scooters was based on the earliest motorcycles and therefore resembles a smaller version of the motorcycle. As compared to motorcycles which go faster and have larger engines; they have small engines and do not have very high speed. Vespa was the first and still the most popular design of the scooter. It was made by an Italian manufacturer Piaggio and was originally used as a means of transport for the military servicemen during World War II. Vespa is an Italian word that means wasp and the scooter got this name from a friend of the designer who thought it looked like a wasp.

When you are choosing a scooter there are some several considerations one should look at. Below are some of these considerations.

Before you choose a scooter ask yourself what you intend to use it for. A 50cc scooter is the best option for you if you want to get from one end of town to the other and do not need the highway. For longer distances consider the 250cc model.

Most scooters come in either 50cc.150cc or 250cc. Engine size will dictate how fast it travels. For example, a 50cc scooter has a speed of between 30 to 40mph,the 150cc has 50 to 60mph and the 250cc has a speed of 75mph. A 150cc is the most versatile for most riders because of its top speed and it is fuel efficient.

Before you choose a scooter, think about your safety. One can attend safety classes for motorcycles so as to familiarize themselves with regulations and rules of cycling.

For most people staying within a budget is an impossible thing for them. Yamaha and Honda produce scooters that are affordable even for you with a budget limit. Most people consider Vespa to be a top of the line scooter when it comes to scooters. Buying a used Vespa scooter is also a way for you to stay within the budget you have put in place.

You should try out several scooter models. When you are comfortable on a scooter, you are able to operate it easily and ride safely. Your saddle on the scooter should be of the proper height ensuring that you can touch the ground with both legs while seated and the handlebar easily reachable with your hands.

If you are looking for a great, affordable and convenient way for travelling, a scooter is a smart choice for you.  They may be more affordable as compared to other traditional forms of transportation but their prices vary depending on the style and the brand. You should wear protective gear whenever you are riding a scooter for your safety.


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