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Road safety is very important for scooterists and motorists. It is recommended that riders wear protective gears for their own benefit. Before thinking of riding your brand new scooter, ensure that you have the following must have protective gears.

They are;

  1. Helmet

Many riders and their passengers have lost lives due to head injuries after accidents. This is why it is a requirement for all riders to ensure that they invest in helmets to protect themselves and their passengers. Consider buying the right size and fit for your own convenience. Ensure that it has the right weight and a sticker from the department of transport. This will be an indication that it is of high quality after meeting the DOT required standards. An ideal helmet should be comfortable and allow easy head movements.

  1. Eye Protection

You should never gamble with your eyes when riding. To avoid injuries, consider buying eye protective gears. These will shield your eyes from flying insects, objects, and dust. It also protects you from harsh windy conditions that may interfere with your visibility on the road. It is prudent to invest in high-quality goggles or shatterproof eyeglasses. They should be comfortable and well fitting. Remember to have the right eye protection gear for varying riding conditions.

  1. Jacket

Riders should always focus on protecting their chests from harsh windy conditions. It is important to always keep warm when riding. Ensure that you invest in the right riders jackets for maximum protection. A quality rider’s jacket should be made of sturdy materials. The most common ones include leather, denim, nylon, and cowhide. Your choice should be comfortable to wear in all weather conditions and prevent the breeze from penetrating to keep yourself healthy.

  1. Pants

There are special pants designed for riders. They are normally made from thick materials including leather for comfort and convenience. The ideal pant should be abrasion resistant and comfortable. There are many types, designs and varying qualities in the market. Ensure that you get the right size for your body.

  1. Gloves

Sometimes it’s inevitable to avoid sweaty palms. In such situations, it becomes difficult to operate the controls conveniently. To avoid inconveniencing yourself, consider wearing riders gloves at all times. They will make it easy for you to ride comfortably and gain control of your scooter.

  1. Boots

It is recommended that riders invest in over-the-ankle boots when riding for their own safety. They should be comfortable, right size and have good gripping soles. The intention of having boots is to protect your lower leg parts from abrasion and to reduce injuries.

  1. Rain Gear

A wise rider understands that he/she needs to have rain gear for a rainy season. It should be comfortable, well-fitting and of good quality for effectiveness. The last thing you want as a rider is to ride your scooter when wet from being rained on.


With the right protective gear, scooter riding can be so much fun and safe. Value your life and invest in protection gears.

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