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Buying a scooter is never the hard part for many riders. However, maintaining their scooters proves mind boggling for inexperienced first-time buyers. Well, where there is will nothing is impossible. You can simply practice the following maintenance tips.

They are;

  1. Tire pressure

Your scooters tires play a significant role in regard to your safety. It is, therefore, a good idea to consider double checking the tires pressure every day before embarking on your riding mission. The right tire pressure will help in reducing your scooter’s oil consumption. It also minimizes tire wear. You should ensure that your tire pressure conforms to your body weight and that of the scooter for efficiency.

  1. Replace Spark Plugs Regularly

One of the easiest ways of maintaining your scooter is by cleaning your spark plugs every now and then. It is highly recommended that you consider replacing them more often preferably after covering a distance of 1000km.Of course, this is determined by the quality of your spark plugs and the distance covered. Spark plugs are either standard or high grade which are normally in platinum or silver. Plugs play a major role in boosting your scooter’s engine performance and lifespan.

  1. Maintain Your Air Filter

This is very important as it regulates and controls air flow to your engine. When the air is impure it affects the engine performance. It is, therefore, imperious to ensure that you at least change your air filters regularly preferably on an annual basis. However, you can actually consider changing it after hitting 5000kms with your scooter.

  1. Replace Your Brake Pads

Reviewing your brake systems functionality should be a priority every day before riding. It is important to replace damaged or worn out brake pads more often to ensure that your safety is maintained. You obviously need to regulate your speed limit when riding and that can never happen with faulty brake pads.

  1. Keep your scooter clean

It is common sense to keep your scooter clean at all times .It not only enhances its overall appeal but makes it easy for you as a rider to spot oil leakage among other problems. Cleaning it also makes it convenient for you.

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