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Our Gator 50cc Scooters Have Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)

Our Gator 50cc scooters have automatic transmissions known as Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which gearlessly enable the scooters to automatically shift from low to high drive ratios using centrifugal systems. Watch this tutorial video about CVT: The basic principle of a pulley based CVT can be demonstrated by using this simple setup. It has a […]

How to Fix Gas Scooter Carburetor Problems

Commonly, when a scooter is parked for a significant length of time its gas goes bad, and by significant time I mean 4 months or longer. Bad gas gets gummy so that it doesn’t ignite as well as when it was fresh, and if the scooter does start, it probably won’t run well with bad […]

Want The 14 Most Powerful GY6 50cc Engine Upgrades?

Wheelie after GY6-50cc-Engine-Upgrades

What kind of GY6 50cc engine upgrades can you do to your scooter to make it go faster? Well, there are some quick and not so dirty upper end and lower end modifications you can do yourself. The GY6 engine design is a four-stroke single-cylinder in a near horizontal orientation with a single piston built off of […]