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Scooter maintenance is very essential since the engine is able to work well. Changing the oil in your scooter is very easy and important. This simply involves you checking the levels of the oil and changing it at regular intervals. Oil change ensures that your engine runs smoothly and for a longer period of time.

Today, scooter oil is available in different varieties. Before changing the oil on your scooter, it is very essential to understand whether the scooter is a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke. These two have a difference in the oil types.   For a 2 stroke engine, oil will get injected and burned into gas whereas for a 4 stroke engine, oil is circulated so as to lubricate the key parts in the engine without being burned.

In 2 stroke engine, oil gets mixed with gas and is burned when combustion occurs. This implies that you do not need to change the oil in a 2 stroke engine. You only have to keep adding more oil into the scooter. This is why 2 stroke engine oil has a bit of blue smoke out of its tailpipe. This 2 stroke engine oil is not environmentally friendly since combusted oil will contribute to emissions that form smog. However, as compared to 4 stroke engine oil, 2 stroke engine oil gives more power.

A 4 stroke engine oil will circulate the engine lubricating the metal surfaces thus reducing friction. As it does this, the oil will slowly collect impurities and break down. This is why it is very essential to change the oil on intervals. Conditions which are harsh such as excessive dust, heat and others will lead to the shortening of intervals between which the oil is changed.

Some scooters have manuals that usually have a maintenance schedule of when to change the oil. Below are some of the intervals one can use

  1. Every month or after every 250 miles
  2. After every 6 months or after 1000 miles
  3. After an year or after 2000 miles

These are some of the intervals that you can use in changing the oil in your scooter. The different scooters do not have individual manual. This is because scooters are similar and have similar engines. You should check the oil levels of your scooter every day before riding the scooter. This is because the reservoir capacity is small .You should note that having little oil in the reservoir will have harmful effects on the scooter. The best oil to use is the one which is recommended on your scooter manual

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