Cleaning a scooter air filter

To have a well-running scooter you should take good care of the air filter. The air filter acts as a gatekeeper between the engine of the scooter and the fresh air it requires so as to burn fuel, therefore, creating power. A dirty air filter will simply rob your engine power whereas a damaged one will let particles into the combustion chambers of your scooter.

You should make it a habit of checking the air filter after riding on a dirty off road to see whether it requires a good air cleaning or replacement. Another time you should check the air filter is when you are changing the oil on your scooter.

There are two types of air filters in scooters, foam air filters and cotton air filters.

Cleaning of a Scooter air filter

Scooter air filters should be cleaned using the air compressor. Avoid using to much pressure since they can lead to the breaking down of glue holding the filter together. You should avoid any soap it will prevent air to flow adequately in the filter. Many manufacturers of filters have special kits for you to use when cleaning your air filter. Below is a simple procedure to clean a foam air filter;

  • Start by removing the circle air filter from its housing. In case you are not sure where the air filter is located you can check the service manual on your scooter. One can also block the air inlet so as to prevent any debris from entering the engine of the scooter accidentally.
  • Put on gloves such as nitrile worx performance gloves and knock the filter free of any crud and loose dirt. Apply the air and thoroughly move it around in your hand. You should avoid stretching or wringing the filter since they are easily damaged or ripped.
  • Continue to blow out the air filter housing with air until all debris is removed from housing. if debris falls int air flow tube, simply remove housing to empty dirt.
  • Once dirt is completely removed. Check the airbox to ensure it is clean.

A clean air filter ensures the engine breathes easily, revs faster and makes maximum power. With these few tips, you can clean your foam air filter easily.

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  1. erik
    you can get spray on air filter oil but it's just an easy to put the clean filter in to a plastic bag with a little splash of clean engine oil and just jiggle it about until the filter's got a good coating over the surface..
    • hotstreetscooter_admin
      Thanks for the tip!
      • hotstreetscooter_admin
        Anytime my friend!

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