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Newly entering the whole goods market, Hot Street Scooters has just sold its first 50cc scooter. Well actually it was a new 49cc scooter that we beefed up to a 80cc by adding a big bore kit and some other 50cc scooter mods.

A gentleman saw our product ad in Google Merchant listed at the top of the search results when he searched for a 50cc scooter, and found us here in Port Orange. He quickly became our first 50cc scooter buyer, and we’re very grateful to have met him.

Remember, we are new to the whole goods fun machines: scooters, dirt bikes, atv’s, go karts and the like so this is kind of a big deal. This particular customer found that our scooters are well priced, and he liked the plain white color of this scoot, so he bought it.

We only had 50cc scooters in stock for just over a week and already sold one.

Matt’s trusty mechanic had already assembled and prep’d the scooter, but on the day the buyer picked it up, Matt put the trunk on the back of it.

The gentleman came into the scooter shop, inspected his new ride and then we took it down off of the lift. Into the office they went to do paper work, and within a half hour, he was riding on his way down the road. A happy Hot Street Scooter customer! And we’re happy too.

Here goes the first 50cc scooter sale for our scooter store.
Customer who bought the first NEW 50cc scooter we ever sold

Bye bye scooter. Enjoy your new owner!

If you’re in the market for a new 50cc scooter, please consider for your purchase. We do parts and service too, so you’ll be well taken care of.

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