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    In these tough economic times, stretching dollars is an absolute must for most. High fuel prices that are sure to increase yet again are resulting in more people looking for lower fuel-use alternatives for personal transportation to not only save money but to help reduce the amount of environmentally destructive fossil fuel emissions. One such vehicle that is economical to purchase, has a fuel efficiency of 120 mpg or more, and is very fun to ride is a scooter.

    150cc scooters offer fully automatic transmissions, making them easy for anyone to learn to ride quickly and safely. Just start them and go without complicated gears and coordinated shifting skills to learn. They can reach speeds of 50 and 60 mph to make them safe to ride on any city streets to commute to work or school, run errands, or just enjoy for the fun of it. These agile vehicles maneuver easily and parking them is a breeze. They are extremely economical to own, not only for their fuel efficiency but the low cost to insure them.

    For many, a scooter won’t replace the automobile, for instance in times of inclement weather, but they can supplement a car and save you hundreds of dollars in fuel savings alone. It is ideal for students who have limited budgets to get to and from campus and saves hours in looking for a parking place.

    If you are looking for an economical alternative to reduce your fuel costs and your carbon footprint, look into purchasing a new or used 150cc scooter that also happens to be a blast to ride.

    Less Stress Power Sports offer 150cc scooters with fully automatic motors that reach speeds of 50 and 60 mph. They are perfect for commuting to work or school, a quick run to the store, or for recreational use.


    150cc fully automatic scooters are definitely a good alternative to a car. Very good performance, good speeds and great fun to ride.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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