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    In today’s times, when the fuels prices are sky high and still soaring, a 50cc scooter of moped might be the exact thing that you want to buy. This will help you a lot in saving fuel expenses and also reduce the time that you would take to go around the city. The best thing about these 50cc scooters and mopeds is that they are very compact therefore its easy to maneuver them in traffic. They are also light weighed which adds to the fuel economy. Because they come in various colors and designs, you have an entire range to choose from.

    If you are planning to buy a 50cc scooter or moped, there are few things that you would need to keep in your mind. There are things that you would need to decide before you make the final move. First of all, you must know what will you be using the scooter or moped for. Is it for a frequent trip around the city or for going to offices and colleges? It is important that you have a thorough look at the various models that are available in the market. This helps in you in making the best decision as to which model you would want to buy.

    Scooters and mopeds are not good only for individual benefits but also because they help in reducing the traffic on the roads around the city. You also need not spend lot of money learning to drive scooters and mopeds. The fact that they are easy to ride, aren’t expensive and need lesser fuel makes them one of the most user friendly vehicles around. Many countries in the world do not require a driver’s license when it comes to riding a 50cc scooter or moped in the city.

    There are various models of scooters and mopeds available in the market today and they are classified depending on the engine capacity that they use. Engines usually range from a 50cc unit to a 125cc unit. If you intend to buy a 50cc scooter or a moped, you need not visit the market. If you want, you may even order it online. There are various great sites that give you a load of information about these scooters and mopeds. Shopping online gives you access to a much wider range and choices. Remember; research as much as you can before you take the final plunge.


    The smaller, 50cc Scooters definitely save money, most importantly in the fuel department. I think parts and service for a 50cc is also way cheaper then for bigger models.


    of course it can, one of the big thing about Fuel like Jonzz said

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    Your total gas cost for the year. This is the gas you scooter uses, plus the cost of driving your car when you don’t use the scooter.

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