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    The economy today demands ways to save money on gasoline. There are many ways to curb gas usage and still keep all the convenience. Whether one buys a petrol or electric, 50cc scooters are a good investment.

    1. A petrol scooter gets up to 140 miles per gallon. Imagine how many times that amount of gas takes someone to and from work. When one is spending as little as $10 a week or less on gasoline it can really help with the finances.

    2. The 50cc scooter doesn’t need much of a parking space, which means one saves money. Parking a car can cost nearly $300 a month. Using a scooter can reduce the cost from $300 to $0.

    3. Scooters cost less, and are easier, to maintain than a car. The owner of a scooter can easily learn to repair a scooter. Even the highest end scooter costs only $5000. The normal scooter, however, costs around $800-$1200.

    4. In some states, and countries, the 50cc scooter can be used without a driver’s license. Check locally for the guidelines and laws in your state. It’s possible your teenager can drive a scooter, instead of a car.

    5. Both men and women look great driving a scooter. They’re trendy and fun. Scooters look great and very chic on the road. It’s even easy to drive one while wearing a skirt or dress.

    6. Depending on local law, scooters can be driven on bike paths; which means avoiding rush hour traffic. Many states and countries have specific bike paths and roads devoted to cycles, which can include scooters.

    7. Scooters are easy to learn and take very little expertise to operate. Learning to drive a scooter is very close to riding a bicycle, and, in some cases, they have pedals just like a bike.

    8. Driving a scooter, instead of a car, helps the environment. The reduction in exhaust and gas usage helps reduce unfriendly emissions.

    9. Scooter clubs exist all over and can be a fun place to hang out. Many aficionados meet up and fix up various styles of scooters, including vintage 50cc styles.

    We’ve learned many things about scooters in this article. They are fun and friendly. They cost very little to own and maintain. They have various fans all over the world, if one is into social clubs. And lastly, owning one is chic and can be driven by both men and women.

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