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    Hi guys new to forum and Go-ped. I had an X-Treme 575 and loved it. I ride around a city on sidewalks and back roads. I like to cruise and have all sorts of terrain. to me the Trail ripper is un-rideable. It winds out in two seconds flat. i guess it’s for woods only. so here is what i did so far. Ordered the 76 tooth rear sprocket like on the interceptor. also i ordered clutch saver springs (because i hate how you have to wind the piss out of it to take off). Am i on the right track to make this a all around cruiser?

    i wanted a chain tensioner but it says “won’t fit newer trail rippers with billet clutch housings”On D&D site). I have a billet clutch housing stock. is there any tensioners i can use instead?.

    also my kickstand sucks. folds the other way just by weight of scooter. is it defective? I have dropped scooter ten time already using kickstand. Or is there another one i can buy?

    Sorry for all the questions but i keep searching and can’t find answers. I know it won’t ride like my 2-speed Xtreme but it should be decent enough to have power and go a decent speed without screaming. Unless i’m wrong. also don’t like the clutch. Doesn’t seem to disengage when going down hills. Hoping the clutch saver springs help that?


    I would keep the easy start . A two finger pull to start is awesome , rc starter not so much…


    The easy pullstart is the best thing to enter its way into the goped world lol. Why someone would wanna take it off baffles me. Just pull it mice and easy if you pull it hard it will break… Quick

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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