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    Here is one of the easiest secrets to learn more about our scooters. Chinese Brand Scooters come to America under many names, and even worse, many of us buy a Scooter, and 2 minutes later, can’t even tell our neighbor the make or model we just bought.

    Here is the best way to figure out who is the manufacturer, and that is to find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), aka the serial number of the Scooter. For most Scooters, it is on the middle shaft of the front of the bike. There is a 1 inch by 5 inch plastic cover. Use a screw driver and pop the plastic off to reveal the VIN. Now look at the first 2 letters. Those letters tell you the name of the manufacturer, followed by other numbers which will tell the model number and the engine size. That is all we need. If you are unable to find your serial numbers, you can lay down on the ground and look up into the scooter from underneath.

    Scooters also have the VIN somewhere else on the body frame. This is harder to find, but it is another option. If you go to your local Scooter Shop or search online for parts, tell them your VIN number so they can make sure they are getting you the correct scooter parts; then there will be no mistake as to the correct parts to order.

    A third option is to pull out your registration. That will have the VIN number as well. It should also state the Manufacturer and Model. I don’t like mentioning this option up front, as I have seen Registrations from many States, and the DMV makes huge mistakes. I find misspellings of makers and models on over half of the registrations I see. In my State, they have a maker spelled 3 different ways. Hence the VIN is the best way to get the correct parts.

    Option number four is to take photos’ of the parts we need. Then we can email them to the supplier to double check we are getting the right parts. Anytime people call us to order parts and seem unsure of their make and model, I always have them send me a picture, and then I can ship them the right parts.

    If they do not have a camera, a fifth way is I have them copy and email me a picture of their registration. Now I am clear with the VIN what scooter or moped they have. If you will follow these steps, it helps those of us in the parts business identify the correct parts and saves everyone time, effort and money.

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