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    So you’re tired of taking the public commute but you can’t afford to buy a car, even a second-hand one. While carpooling is an option, having your own ride is still the best way to get from one place to the next.

    For most people, the answer to this dilemma is a motorbike. If you wish to get this type of vehicle, you should know that there are a number of motorbikes out in the market today.

    A 125cc scooter is a good option since it isn’t as big as other street-legal gas-powered bikes so maneuvering and manipulating it won’t be a problem. This is especially ideal for those who are only starting to get accustomed to driving a motorbike.

    Benefits of a 125cc Scooter

    A 125cc scooter is a good alternative to regular cars because it is easily affordable and it can help get you around your area without any hassle. Plus, with gasoline prices increasing on a regular basis, you can save-up on your gasoline expenses since this type of vehicle does not require the same amount of gasoline as you would normally put in a car or any other four-wheeled vehicle.

    If traffic is your main concern, you can easily snake through traffic with this scooter. Being small and very easy to maneuver, you can move faster than other vehicles on the road.

    In addition to all these, scooters are easier to maintain than cars. Repair costs do not skyrocket as those of other vehicles, plus parts are easier to find. Government taxes imposed on scooters are also significantly lower than those imposed on cars or other four-wheeled vehicles.

    As for insurance payments, these are also lower. If you put all the savings that you can get out of getting this vehicle instead of a regular sedan; you will find that you may have just saved hundreds of dollars!

    Driving a Scooter

    In most states, a 125cc scooter is allowed on the highway but you should always check first with your state government just to make sure that you will be able to use this if you plan to drive it along the highway.

    You should also be of legal age to drive this motorbike. 18 years is usually the legal driving age in most countries. You will likewise need a valid driver’s license in order to drive this bike.

    There are states that require you to pass a basic training course on motorbikes so you should likewise check this factor prior to getting your motorbike. The training course will teach you all the basics of riding this motorbike including road safety.

    Once you’ve passed this course, you will be issued a certificate which is valid up to two years. Check details for renewals of this certificate to ensure that you can keep driving your motorbike continuously for many years.

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