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New home Forums General Scooter Chat Howto make Chinese 50cc scooter go faster?

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    First tell as the actual make, model, year of he Chinese scooter- implication it is a ‘Mainland Chinese made’ scooter– but perhaps it is made in Taiwan? If made in Taiwan, then a bit more hope- a Kymco People can do 40 to 45 unrestricted and the restriction is a ignition/speedometer control box that is easy to replace. Adli is similar- designed in some models as a Yamaha Zuma with speed of 45mph, restricted in some markets with the Yamaha pattern variator shims. SYM 50 is designed as a 100 engine compatible swap- locally the 100 engine in the 50 frame is a sneaky way to use a ‘moped’ license plate that doesn’t require motorcycle endorsement on drivers license. Some of the mainland Chinese scooters seem to have a unlicensed Honda clone engine family that has 50 to 110/125cc on same case and mounting bolt pattern- relatively easy swap. Best advice? don’t change much of anything on the scooter, change engine oil and air filters as scheduled and learn to stay alive in traffic for a year, then look at a Suzi S40, GS500 or Kaw Ninja, Honda Rebel for next step- and obey traffic laws. This advice to maybe keep you alive a bit longer IF you actually ride motorized 2 wheels now.

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