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    I have a 2009 star with aN LML speedo it has fuel gauge, light,indicators including a strange buzzer somewhere I cannot find! I have changed the fuel tank sender as gauge not working, still not working, so it must be the fuel gauge in the headset. I can see the fuel gauge is not removable, so I take it that it is a full headset change. They don’t seem too expensive, but does the lml star have a low fuel warning light? The models available state no low fuel warning, as I bought it with the fuel gauge fault I don’t know.
    Beedspeed list a few, and are quite near to me . Can I use any model listed as they all say LML, they all have the same warning lights, just different styles? Prices vary from £30 to £50, it is confusing. Hope someone can enlighten me. Cheers

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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