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    How to purchase Chinese scooters, and what to look for to insure you will have many trouble free miles of service are some of the things I will discuss in this article.There are so many different brands out there, that to the uninformed, it can, and is quite confusing. After selling and servicing these units over the years, I will share with you just a few of the items I believe are essential for you to be aware of, before you go shopping for, and definitely before you purchase this product. I will make sure that I put forth this information in an easy to follow format, and will stay away from a lot of technical information.

    FIRST-If you decide to purchase your scooter from one of the numerous on-line sites that are out there, most of the time it will be delivered to you boxed and ready for final assembly. This processes in most cases consists of installing the front wheel, handlebars,windshield if so equipped, the battery and trunk. Even if you think that is all there is to it,there is much more to do if you want the scooter to give you years of trouble free driving.

    SECOND-After doing the above assembly, and before you start the engine in your new scooter, ‘DEFINITELY’ change the motor oil. Synthetic oil is highly recommended, but regular motor oil will be fine as long as you use the proper weight for your driving area.

    THIRD-Always install a new spark plug in the engine. In most cases, the one that comes in the scooter gets fouled-out from shipping, and this will cause the scooter to start hard,or not start at all.

    FOURTH-Prime the engine with the highest octane gas that is available in your area, and always be sure to use this type of fuel. Also, I have experienced that if you use a good fuel stabilizer in the fuel system, this seemed to keep the carburetor running much smoother and cleaner.

    FIFTH-Although there are many different models out there, most use basically the same engine,witch is good because in most circumstances, the engine parts are interchangeable. The most common motor on the 150c.c. is called a G-Y-6- engine. Our track record with this has been very good, as long as you follow the above mentioned items.

    SIXTH-As far as the outward appearances of the scooter, most use different body styles of plastic parts. This is a very strong material, and there is no need to be concerned about rust or dents.

    SEVENTH-This is by far one of the most important of all. After your purchase, you must be assured of the availability of parts and service. This is where most of the negativities come in. After the on-line purchase there is little support for parts and no service at all.

    LAST-If everything is now set for your purchase, one final detail. Make sure your new scooter can legally titled in your state with the paper work you are provided with at the time of purchase.


    Never owned a Chinese brand scooter. How would you rate them, quality wise, in comparison to Italian or Japanese models?

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