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    I have a 2007 Reflex sport that bought about a month ago. On the way to work yesterday ran out of gas. I now know the gas gauge is not working but was watching the trip meter, any way I got it to a station and filled it up, what has me confused is the owners manual and the service manual both state the fuel tank to be a little over 3 gallons “including reserve” well it only took 2.138 gallons to completely fill, how do I access the reserve? I cannot find a reserve valve nor any reference to one in owners manual or service manual.. If no reserve valve any ideas on why I ran out of fuel at only a little over 2 gallons used?


    No access to a 2007 but my 2002 has a “reserve” zone on the fuel gauge. I don’t think there’s a warning light or anything else.

    There isn’t a valve to switch to reserve manually either. (Unlike most motorcycles I have owned…)

    Unless you were riding a steep slope, OR filled up on the side-stand, it isn’t clear why it only swallowed two gallons and change, but there’s always a little fuel left in an “empty” tank that the fuel valve simply reach. I would suggest you run it nearly dry again, or siphon off the fuel and carefully assess the condition of the tank and the intake on the fuel valve. Don’t use a Bic lighter for this…


    I completely fill every scooter and motorcycle I own before it leaves my garage, before every ride, it is very easy to open the gas cap and take a look at the fuel level ( don’t use a BIC lighter) .
    With that being said, my fuel gauges are somewhat accurate, but I never trust the fuel gauge or my odometer.
    I ran out of gas on July 4 1975 while riding a CB 350 Honda, it was close to a hundred degrees, my shoes were sticking to the asphalt while I pushed the bike almost two miles to a gas station, I never forgot that day and that is how my good habit of filling BEFORE riding got started.
    Now do you plan on trusting a piece of paper that says three gallons or are you going to believe your eyes that see a two gallon capacity ?
    If your Reflex gets 66 MPG like my CH250 does, then you need fuel before you reach 120 miles.
    My Elite 150 gets 85 MPG.
    None of my scooters have reserve, My Grom has a reserve type petcock that I installed when I installed the Ninja engine.


    Thanks to the replies! I guess I will go with the assumption that it is 2 gallons cap and just fill every time I go to town and will also check into replacing the sending unit for the gauge.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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