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    One of the advantages about buying a Chinese scooter is practically to save more money. The Chinese models are less expensive than all scooter brands in the market. At times it is not worth the price but at any rate, it is nice to know that these Chinese companies are unintentionally making people who belong to the lower class brackets able to afford to ride a bike for their convenience.

    Besides being economical, it makes the lives of common people easier and less extravagant. Another advantage is to save on gas, instead of using a car or paying a taxi for a ride. I am just an average lady and I work near my condo. I experience lots of hassles going to work, especially when it rains. Taking a taxi ride costs me more than what I can afford. I have observed that I can also reach my office on time when I can have alternative routes like the alleys to avoid traffic. It is quite amazing that a typical scooter can save me more travel time rather than waiting inside a taxi stuck in traffic.

    Considering disadvantages, what I can see about Chinese scooters is the durability. Buying a cheaper brand does not really make you smart, but consider its worth for your money as well. Consider the maintenance and cost of spare parts when things turn out to be not the way you want things to be easy in your life. Be aware that the unit must last enough for you to save on repair expenses the next time it knocks down. Make sure that the manuals are readable and the dealers can introduce a good repair shop to service your scooters. Remember that if the quality of what you buy does not meet the standards allowable by law for consumers, you must also take into account your safety because you are more prone to road hazards when your vehicle is not in proper condition.

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