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New home Forums General Scooter Chat What are some 50cc scooters/mopeds that can seat two people?


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    As others have mentioned, 50cc scooters are not generally suited for the uses you desire it to perform.

    Most 50cc scooters are restricted to a 30 mph limit, this is to comply with the laws of most states that let 50cc and smaller displacement scooters to be operated with little or no regulations. Most of these scooters will go faster, if the restrictions are removed. Once the restrictions are removed, the scooter will typically top out in the 35-38 mph area. (Those figures are for 4 cycle engines. Scooters with 2 cycle engines will perform better by +5 mph)

    The small engines are easy to modify, and will produce considerably better speeds, but although the parts and kits are readily available, they are not cheap, and the labor to install them is even more.

    So, if you do manage to have a 50cc scooter with the power to perform as you want, you then face the seating issue, a few do have dual seating, but even with tandem seating, most 50cc scooters are really small and would be very crowded with a passenger on board. OK, there are a couple of 50cc models that are built on the same frames of their ‘big brother’ 150cc models…

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