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    Are you worried about rising gas prices or tearing your hair out in frustration over long snaking traffic jams? How about ditching your car and considering riding a scooter instead? This article examines why a 150cc gas scooter might be the answer to your problems.

    150cc gas scooters were originally built with two stroke engines. However, thanks to advanced technology, modern day scooters are built with four stroke engines too. Compared to other vehicles available today, a 150cc gas scooter is lighter, faster and more maneuverable, which makes it a popular two wheeler with families.

    The petite and compact design is the selling point of this vehicle. Not only does it not require much parking space, driving it through heavy traffic also becomes considerably easier since it can weave in and out of heavy traffic. Another advantage is the mileage which an average 150cc gas scooter can give. The engine power of such scooters varies from 50cc to 250cc and the mileage varies accordingly. For a 150cc gas scooter, the fuel efficiency averages 200 miles on a full tank. This fuel efficiency is what makes it ideal for the average household. Combined with its dexterity, these amazing scooters cut back commuting hassles by almost 50 percent.

    The latest technological innovations in scooter designs have incorporated several features which make this scooter a cool vehicle to travel in. Rear wheel disc brakes, high cruise speed, front wheel disc brake and air cooled engines are some of the common innovations that you may find. The higher end models have customized additions such as aerodynamic structure, dual headlights with high power, anti lock brakes, windshield with wipers and even stereos, though the last one is a trend which has not caught on much. Those with back problems can opt to have ergonomic seats to make traveling easier.

    A 150cc gas scooter would be a great mode of transport for first time drivers, professionals and students. The automatic transmission in these compact vehicles means that the driver does not have to shift gears manually. Driving becomes simpler and emission levels are also lower than that of cars, which means that carbon footprints are reduced.

    The ease of handling and versatility provided by a 150cc gas scooter ensures that people of any age group can use it. The new safety accessories offer better protection to the rider and are thus the best choice as a family two wheeler.


    150cc are OK if you want to have good ride, that is not a motorcycle yet. Definitely able to hold its own in traffic. The only downside is, that you are paying more for gas then with smaller scooters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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