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Still debating on whether or not you should make a scooter purchase?

Owning a scooter is super fun but it also means knowing when to perform regular maintenance when necessary.

If you really want a scooter, but are unsure about your ability to handle one, here are some need-to-know tips for every owner.

How often should I get my oil changed?

As a general rule, your scooter’s engine oil should be changed every 3700 miles. It all comes down to your driving style, so you may need to change it more or less often depending.


Why won’t my scooter start?

Scooter engines are super sensitive to stale fuel and fuel impurities due to its smaller fuel passages. So if your scooter is left sitting for a long period of time this may happen.

Another reason could be a drained battery. Frequently starting your scooter as well as constantly driving short distances at slower speeds tends to drain the battery faster than normal.

The easy solution for this would be a fuel stabilizer and battery tend.

If the problem seems to be something else, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!


Can I maintain my own scooter?

It depends on many things. You must: purchase a shop manual, own or have access to all special tools, follow the recommended maintenance schedule, read instructions thoroughly and take your time.

If you do all of that, chances are you will be just fine.

However, we strongly advise that you have your scooter maintained by an authorized dealer. Your dealer has all special tools needed for maintenance (that you probably don’t have) as well as all of the necessary service manuals. Not to mention, the guys at the dealership are fixing up scooters all day every day.

In short, save yourself the time and stress and bring it on down to us at HSS and we will service your scooter in no time.

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