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How to change a spark plug

Most of the scooters come with extended-life plugs. Manufacturers have discovered how to keep your scooter at peak performance. They coat the plugs electrodes with precious metals, which melt at higher points, hence keeping your spark plugs for a longer time.

The step to step direction below will show you how to replace your scooter’s spark plug. It will take you around ten minutes to successfully replace one plug.

Step one

Bring together all the necessary equipment as well as equipment to replace. They should include extensions, the new plugs, rags to shield you from getting your clothes soiled by greasy engine or wires, driver and socket.

Ensure that the engine had enough time for it to cool off before you start the replacement operation. This is for your safety purposes. Again, if you do not allow the engine to cool off, the lugs may still be hot especially after you run the engine. Be on the safe side.

Step two

Do away with the wire holding the spark plug by pulling it in the direction that it points. Its boot may not be easy to remove, therefore, you have to take caution where your hand lands after its freed. Ensure that your hand does not land on harmful objects. You can also use special gloves for that reason.


Make sure that no oil debris or any dirt falls on the cylinder, after which you remove the old plug. This is done by placing the socket driver on the plug then turning it gently to the left in a counter-clockwise manner. At this point, the old plug is free. Pull it outwards ensuring that you do not hit it against anything.

Replacing the new one

Make sure you set the new plug to the right gap. A gapping tool will help and the store where you got it from gives a manual and data to guide you. Install the new spark plug ensuring not to tap the top o the engine block so that it does not affect the normal working of your scooter’s engine. Do not make the plug too tight, though.

Finally, put back the plug wire by wiggling it so that it sits properly. If your scooter has more than one cylinder, you will have to repeat all these steps for each of the spark plugs. Note that improper placing of the plugs might cause the engine not to start or to misfire.

Tip: In case you are not sure of the process, it is always good to ask the help of a professional mechanic.

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