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A slow scooter is boring to ride as it kills the thrill that comes with speed as well as the convenience. If your scooter is very slow, there could be something that you can do to it to make it go faster. On average, a 150cc scooter runs at a maximum speed of about 55mph.

You can only increase the speed of your scooter by increasing the RPM of the scooter’s engine or changing its drive ratio. Once you have changed the drive ratio, you can then modify the engine to regain the acceleration that might have been lost in the process

Improve the air intakes

Changing your standard air filter to a high performance filter may increase the performance of the engine by enabling the engine breath better and easier. The engine will be a louder but will not damage the motor.

Avoid drilling holes on the air box and running your system without the air filter. Even if this may improve the performance of your engine, it may also bring in dust and create bigger problems in the future.

Tune the timing

Advancing the timing causes the spark plug to ignite the fuel earlier and burn the fuel a little better. Once the timing has been changed, it is hard to reverse it back to the default setting. On the other hand, if you change the timing of a scooter that has an expansion chamber along with high performance carb, there are chances that the performance of the same would be decreased.

Raise the compression or bigger cylinder bore

You may have the base of your cylinder machined off at the base using a professional machine to lower the cylinder and reduce the gap between the top of the piston and the engine’s spark plug. Alternatively, you may remove the gasket head from the engine’s motor. In this case, replace the gasket with liquid gasket cement.

Also, buying a bigger cylinder kit will increase your scooters speed and performance. Buying a 80cc or even a 100cc cylinder head can almost double your speed.

Change the gear ratio

If you change the drive ratio of the scooter, you will have the acceleration changed and the speed of the engine topped up. For scooters that use a spindle on tyre drive technique such as OZ, Martin Monster, and Go-Ped, you can change the drive ratio by increasing the diameter of the spindle. Smaller spindle gives the engine low grunt and increases the acceleration.

Chain driven scooters such as Vizer Viper, Cruze and Venom may have their drive ratio changed by changing their rear sprocket size at their rear wheels.

Keeping your fuel clean 

Always keeping a fresh fuel filter on your scooter helps a good combustion chamber work efficently. Make sure to keep your fuel clear from any particles that might gunk up your cylinder.

 Make sure your spark is optimized and your coil is working efficently

Having a good spark is key to having a good combustion for your cylinder cycle. Our spark plugs provide the best ignite to keep yor head burning clean. We have a couple different plugs available to ensure that your scooter is working at it’s optimal level. Please note that having a fresh coil always helps the travel of power as well. After long term use a coil loses power and prevent your scooters performance.

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