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Removing a scooter flywheel require you to have some tools and skills. As such you should be very cautious while doing so. The flywheel in the scooter is very important. This is because it acts as motor that turns the scooter and force the air around and up the cylinder thus keep it cool. Besides, it turns magnets that are around the coils on your stator plate so as to power your lights and production of spark for your motor. Vespa scooters from before 1978 have flywheels that are self-extracting as compared to models after 1978.

Below is how you can remove the flywheel of your scooter.
1. Remove the fan shroud and the cowling on the scooter
2. On the center of your flywheel there is a nut cap which covers the nut on the flywheel. Remove this nut cap.
3. Next is removing the center nut on the flywheel. This is done using a socket may need another person to assist in holding the flywheel while you are loosening the nut.
4. After removing it, examine and clean the threads that are lining on the inner wall of the flywheel center. Cleaning of these threads may require you to use a clean piece of cloth and a carburetor cleaner.
5. Using the flywheel puller thread for at least some four or five turns. After you have secured the puller on, you should then turn in your center nut on your puller such that it comes into contact with your crankshaft. Use a wrench to turn the center of this puller to ensure that pressure is put on this crankshaft. This in turn pulls the flywheel form the motor.
Below are some points that you should never forget while removing the flywheel.
a) Do not try holding the flywheel by way of inserting things into the point access hole. This is not a good idea since it will lead to anything slipping thereby causing damage to the stator plate.
b) Avoid wedging something into your flywheel fins so as to stop it from moving. Fins break easily therefore making your flywheel to be unbalanced. This will lead to unnecessary vibrations and damages to your bearings.
c) Always remember to check condition of the flywheel key and crankshaft taper. These should be in good condition so that the flywheel does not come loose.
These are some of the things you should do when removing the flywheel on your scooter. Flywheel removal is not very complicated and with this guideline you should be able to remove it successfully.

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