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Do you plan on replacing your worn down handle grips with new clean, soft and  sticky ones anytime soon?Well,your effort will be rewarding in the end .Installing new handle grips will certainly breathe a new life into your scooter.

Here is how to install new handle grips properly;

  1. Remove the bar ends

Consider starting by removing the bar ends of your Scooter’s existing handlebars before anything else. You can either unscrew them using a flathead screwdriver or simply pop them off depending on your scooter model.

  1. Remove the grips

While using a sharp razor blade, hacksaw or any other convenient cutting object, cut off the grips lengthwise before pulling them off the scooter’s handlebars. Extreme care should be applied when cutting through the grip to avoid scratching the metal handlebar beneath it or slicing through handlebar wires.Alternatively,you can simply use a compressor to blow them off if you do not want to damage your old grips.However,using a compressor may require you to take your scooter to the nearest professional mechanic for help. If your scooter has chrome grips it is prudent to just unscrew the bolts at each end before slipping them off.

  1. Clean the handlebars carefully

After pulling off the grips, clean the handlebars carefully using adhesive remover, water or alcohol, and a rag .The objective of cleaning your scooter handlebars is to get rid of the previous grips remnants before proceeding to the next step. Avoid conducting this exercise using oil based lubricants or cleaners to avoid residue since they can cause the newly installed grips to slip hence complicating your scooter riding. It is imperative to ensure that your scooter’s handlebars are thoroughly clean before installing the new grips.

  1. Install the New Grips

Before installing your new handle grips, it is important to sort out which one goes to the right or the left side. This is very important since a pair of grips have varying holes sizes meant for respective handlebar sides. The grip with a larger hole should be installed on the throttle’s side which is always on the right side while the smaller one is installed on the side without a throttle which is on the left.

After sorting out which grip goes on either side, start installing the non-throttle grip. To do this successfully, ensure that you apply enough grip glue inside the grip and shake it well to spread out well. Apply some along the handlebar too before sliding the grip onto it preferably with the raised edge going first. Having installed the non-throttle grip properly install the throttle grip using the same procedure. Replace the bar ends by screwing the ends firmly in their right place and wait for the glue to dry for several hours before jumping on your scooter for a new handle grips test.


Riding with worn down handle grips can put your life at risk as a rider. Without these accessories, it is impossible to enjoy a safe and comfortable scooter ride since they help in controlling your scooter for maximum ride enjoyment. For high quality and affordable grips contact Hot Street Scooters.

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