54mm Foam Air Filter Pod Cleaner GY6


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Color: Red
Shape of Connector Rubber Pipe: Straight
Connector Inner Diameter: 54mm
Total Approx Height: 90mm
Foam Outer Diameter: 95mm
Foam Hight: 75mm
Bike Model: 125cc 150cc 200cc and many more..
Other engines and carburetors with 54mm inlet.
Connector Material: Rubber,We use best rubber to make the intake connector.
Cleaner Material: Two Layers of Foam, washable and reusable.
Spring Quality: There is a metal spring to holder the foam inside of it. Our spring is thick than other.
Clamping Band Material: Stainless, never rust. Many other filter use cheap foam filters.

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Weight .437 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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