GY6 Big Bore Cylinder 100cc


Replacement GY6 50cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit upgrades your scooter to 100cc.

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This 50cc big bore kit will boost your scooter up to 100cc, and you still won’t need a license to ride it. On paper it’s still a 50cc scooter! On the road, the 50cc big bore kit makes your scooter faster… as fast as a 100cc scooter.

  • Big Bore Kit Cylinder Kit to modify 50cc 60cc 80cc to 100cc

This works on ATV, UTV, dirt bikes etc. too. However, there are things other than the 50cc big bore kit that will upgrade your scooter’s performance:
Click here for a good post on other 50cc scooter performance parts and upgrades.

Still, this is the best place to start. We have packaged everything you need with the bigger 100cc cylinder and piston for making your 49cc scooter into a 100cc beast. This kit is more than just a bored out cylinder.

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