GY6 A9 Camshaft 49cc 50cc


Replacement Performance Racing A9 GY6 Camshaft.

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This A9 Camshaft is a quick and easy upgrade for your 50cc to 100cc Chinese or Taiwanese scooter.

The A9 camshaft is the most highly recommended performance camshaft for the 139QMB and GY6 engines.

These camshafts feature a longer valve opening duration and higher lobes for further opening.

a noticeable gain in performance, greater top speed, and more power at higher RPM’s.
These camshafts can be used on stock or highly modified engines.

If you already have a big bore kit installed, this is another great addition to truly maximize the performance of your big bore kit.


Additional information

Weight .9375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in

Size: Intake Lobe 25.6mm  Exhaust Lobe 25.5mm

Material: aluminum

Fits Models:

GY6 50 70 80 100cc Cam Scooter


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