NCY Racing Brake Pads (Red); Genuine, Adly, TGB



Performance brake pads provide better efficiency and higher temperature tolerances over standard pads.
These new “red” compound pads are designed for heavy use and high heat, making them ideal for a long day at the track.

Adly Fox50 07-09 Front
E-Ton Beamer50 04-08 Front
E-Ton Beamer50III ’09 Front
TGB Key West 50 05-09 Front
Yamaha Jog50 02-05 Front
Yamaha Zuma50 08-10 Front
Genuine Black Cat Front
Genuine Rattler50 Front
Genuine Rough House50 Front

Dimension A: 61.1×27.1×7.3mm
Dimension B: 61.1×27.1×7.3mm

Additional information

Weight 0.237 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 1 in


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