NCY Roller Weights (20×15); Honda PCX, Genuine Blur 220i


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High quality roller weights from the fine folks at NCY.  These are constructed with a low-friction polymer to ensure a long life and seamless operation.

These are 20 x 15mm weights, so they’ll fit both the Honda PCX and the Genuine Blur 220i.

These are the stock roller size for the Honda PCX (15g).

The Genuine Blur 220i takes 14.5g stock rollers.

For those unfamiliar with roller weights, they are an important tuning device and have a significant impact on your scooter’s performance! They should be checked/changed every 1000 miles (per maintenance schedule) to keep your scooter running tops. Over time, roller weights will develop flat spots which will impair the performance of your scooter.

A good indication that your rollers are worn is increasingly high revs for a given speed and/or decreased top speed. Replacing worn rollers with this set will restore and actually improve your low-end power and especially your top speed. Fuel efficiency will also improve dramatically!

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