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Replacing a belt

Finding the faulty belt could be the best initial step when you wish to have it replaced. Always ensure that your scooter is in a well lit area to make it easier to locate the faulty belt. It is recommended of you to get the services of a professional so that you are assured of a perfect job. However, if you are good at replacing a belt, you can do it yourself. It is not difficult to locate most belts as they lie on the engine block side and weave through pulleys.

Remove the old belt

You would find it more convenient if you let a trained and qualified mechanic do the work for you. The reason is that they understand the scooter system better than you do. The first step is to release the belt’s tension depending on the type of belt in question. After this tension release, the belt will easily slide off the pulleys.

Observe the pulleys

When replacing a belt, you have to check the condition of the pulleys supporting them. Belts get damaged because of faulty pulleys and you have to be sure about all the pulleys. Ensure that everything that comes into contact with the belt is also in perfect condition. It would be problematic replacing a belt only to realize that some other materials needed replacement too.

Run the new belt

Check both belts and notice the difference. Again, ensure that the new belt in the right specifications as in length and width. The only difference should lie in the general wear in that the old belt looks worn out while the new one is intact. Before tightening the new belt, run it to ensure that it goes into the right place and weaves around the right pulleys.

Tighten the belt

Tightening the belt ensures that it has the right tension. Step back and evaluate your work before taking everything else back to position. Ensure that the new belt matches the routing diagram when you took off the old belt. If you did not install the belt as required, it could damage other important parts of the scooter such as the alternator and the water pump.

Start your scooter

If a mechanic was working on your scooter, they can ask you to check the belt while they start your scooter. You will then confirm that it will work properly and works without sliding. Ensure that you keep some distance between the moving parts and your clothes or hair to avoid injuries.


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