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How to maintain a scooter.

Whether it is the 50cc scooter or the 150cc scooter, all scooters have to be well maintained just like any other vehicle. Proper maintenance include replacing old fuel filters, keeping fresh oil in the engine and always keeping a sharp eye on moving and functioning parts.. A properly maintained scooter lasts longer and helps keep off garage related problems such as the poor engine performance. Here are some few maintenance tips that one can follow to help keep their Vespa, taotao or any other type of scooter free from problems;

Cleaning is a major step in the maintenance of any vehicle. Do not clean your scooter when you want to polish and wax only, it should be a regular practice. Cleaning helps avoid deposit build ups which can prevent the scooter from running smoothly. It also helps avoid corrosion. To ensure that the scooter’s frame and engine do not rust, you can go for a ride so that water in the hidden places can evaporate.

The performance of the air filter determines the amount of air allowed in the engine. It also helps keep the air feed to the engine clean at all times. Regularly rinse the air filters and if necessary, you can apply filter oil to the air filter. The period between regular checks depends on the area. If the area is dusty, then you should clean the air filter every six weeks. For the scooters with metal mesh air filters, alcohol and soap should be used to clean the mesh. The mesh should also be replaced if damaged.

While having fun riding on your scooter, it is good to observe the safety measures. Avoid being involved in accident cases just because you were ignorant to check the condition of your brake pads. Why put yourself at risk? It is a good maintenance habit to always check if the brake pads have worn out in order to replace them. Observe safety by making sure that the brake pads work.

The tire pressure dictates a lot. Having the right tire pressure surprisingly reduces the fuel consumption, therefore, reducing the amount of cash you spend on fuel. The tire pressure should be able to hold the scooter’s weight and your weight. If you do not know up to what pressure the tires should be, the manual offers the answer. For most 50cc scooters, the pressure bar is always 2-2.2

To avoid incurring the extra cost of buying replacement materials and paying for garage repair for your scooter, you should ensure proper maintenance of the scooter. The above are just some of the tips that can help you maintain your scooter in perfect condition.

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