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Scooter Safety Tips

Riding a scooter can be fun. For that to happen it is imperative to maintain safety for your own good. Scooters can also be dangerous since most drivers tend to overlook them. It is therefore upon the riders to observe safety precautions to avert accidents and injuries when riding their scooters.

Here are some safety tips to observe

Consider adhering to rules and regulations as a rider. Most accidents are caused by riders who break the law when riding. It is prudent to consider enrolling for a riding course to ensure that you are compliant with the local traffic laws. You should have good riding skills before having the courage to take your scooter on the road. Ensure you ride within the required speed limit, signal when making turns or change lanes .Be courteous to protect yourself by investing in protective gears .Ride when the conditions are conducive and you will have fun.

One way of maintaining road safety as a rider is to ensure that your scooter is roadworthy. Consider checking the tires for tear since that can make a vast difference as far as riding is concerned. Always double check your tire pressure ,braking system,headlights,signals,brake lights, mirrors positioning and scooter’s floorboard before riding. Remember that you need your horn to be functional so that other road users can hear you loud and clear. By double checking everything, you stand a chance of averting road accidents when riding.

Many riders have perished due to negligence and ignorance. The best way to protect your body from harm is to ensure that you invest in protective wear before considering riding your scooter. Focus on buying eye protection gear, pants, jackets, helmets, the right boots, and gloves. It is wise to be proactive than reactive. You only have one life so never ignore wearing protective gears whenever you are riding your scooter.

It is recommended that riders wear bright colored reflective clothing to boost their visibility on the roads. It is essential to remember that not all riders and motorists are cautious or careful. Ensure that your scooter’s horn system is functional and loud to attract the right attention from other road users where need be. By being loud and visible, others will be able to see where you are .All these will boost your safety and that of others. The louder and visible you are the better.

Consider investing in an affordable, reliable and dependable scooter insurance to protect yourself against the inevitables.Sometimes unexpected things happen when you least expect them and it is, therefore, important to be fully covered against liabilities.


It is better to be safe than sorry. Never gamble with your life.

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