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Scooters are commonly used for personal transportation. Unlike their counterparts, the motorcycles, scooters are cheap to buy, easy to operate and offer convenience when it comes to parking and storage. These are just some of the benefits of scooters that make people buy them even though they know nothing about them. Like any other vehicles, scooters have their downsides. One of the common scooter problems is the failure to run. When this happens there is no need to panic. By just knowing why your scooter will not run, you can quickly fix the problem. For those with a slight clue or completely clueless, here are several reasons that are probably the cause of you scooter not running;

Carburetor problems are the major cause of poor running in most vehicles. In case your scooter fails to run, you should check the carburetor adjustments and make sure they are ok. The idle speed and the fuel mixture screws should be in place. If all the adjustments are correct, you should check if there are any deposits preventing the fuel from flowing smoothly. Deposits clog the internal valves and jets. The deposit in the carburetor can be removed by soaking the carburetor in carburetor cleaning fluid. This clears the path and allows fuel to flow smoothly.

If there are any air leaks in the vacuum lines, then you scooter will have trouble running. Leaks can affect the fuel supply and the carburetor operation. A quick and easy way to fix cracks and splits in the vacuum lines would be spraying water on them. Even though temporary, water plugs the leaks. Use of carburetor cleaning fluid or WD40 can also work, however, they pose a high risk of causing a fire which is why they should be the last option.

If the clearance adjustment between the camshaft and the valve stem are not correct, your scooter may never run. Small clearance can cause the engine to overheat while large clearance affects the valve and it does not open completely. Adjusting the clearance will solve your scooter problem of failing to run.

Spark is a sign of health in scooters. A weak spark or simply no spark means there are problems. Lack of spark or a weak spark can make your scooter not to run. When checking for a spark the performance of the Cdi (capacitor discharge ignition), stator coil and the ignition coils are the three major items that can help you identify the source of the lack of spark. Check if the spark plug is worn out or has deposits. You can also replace the solenoid depending on the engine type. For 50cc the replacement should be a 50cc replacement solenoid.

Ignition timing can also be the reason why your scooter will not run. Adjusting timing functions are done through the performance of the Cdi module. Timing functions are done electrically unlike before.

These are just simple, easy to solve scooter problems that could make your scooter no to run. Before you going to the garage for help, you can try to fix these problems with the listed solution above.

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