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A 50cc scooter is the entry level in the world of scooter today. Generally, most scooters on the roads range from 50cc to 250cc with few models having 300cc, 500cc or even more engine power. Scooter power is measured in cubic centimeter that is, cc. Most first time buyers opt to buy the 50cc scooter as it is cheaper compared to others and is easier when it comes riding it. This scooter is very good for all scooter beginners out there before settling for other scooters in the market. Below are some features of the 50cc scooter

  1. As compared to other scooters that have larger engines, the 50cc scooter is cheaper.
  2. This scooter can be very economical on gas thus implies that you spend less on gas
  3. For beginners, they are very easy to ride as compared to other scooters. This is because acceleration of the scooter is slow and its top speed is low
  4. It does not require a separate endorsement or license for one to ride it. In many states anyone who possess a valid driver’s license can ride this scooter.
  5. Can be very convenient in urban situations that are highly congested as traffic will barely make it to 30 mph most of the time.

However, the 50cc scooter has the following disadvantages all of which are related to its 50cc power engine which is considered to be very low.

This is all the information you would wish to know concerning the 50cc scooter. You should assess your needs before making a decision on the right scooter power size for you. The physical size and price of a scooter increases with the increase in engine power. Your weight, the terrain you will be riding on, how fast and the ability to carry goods and passengers are some of the factors to consider when determining the scooter power you will need.

A 50 cc scooter will be best for people who are lightweight and are planning to stick to 25-30 mph. If you are looking for a scooter that is easy to ride, inexpensive and economical on gas, the 50cc is the best option for you.

Also, if you already have a 50cc scooter we sell big bore kits and modification accessories to push more performance out of your 50cc engines. Please browse our page and see the most competative prices out there!

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