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With all of the perks that come with riding a scooter, there are naturally going to be some drawbacks.

The biggest one seems to be the limited ability to travel with the big boys (cars, etc)

Scooter owners grow used to the fact that they are geographically limited in their transit.

Unfortunately, all cities were not designed with the little guy in mind.

Usually the more pedestrians and bicycles you see in a city, the safer it will also be to operate a motor scooter.

Because scooters reach a top speed of about 40 mph, not all roads were made for them.

Here are the top five beach towns in Florida that unquestionably welcome scooter life.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Why not start with “The World’s Most Famous Beach” when we talk about scootin around?

Daytona Beach not only has A1A but also a beach that welcomes scooters with open arms!

Pretty sure, nowhere else in the country can say the same. Mic drop.

If you find yourself in the 386, check out our blog on Daytona’s top 5 scenic routes for scooters!

Don’t be afraid to stop by our warehouse and say hello!

Key West, Florida

Key West is one destination where scooters rule the land.

Because of the funky geographical layout, driving a vehicle can be burdensome.

Scooters just seem to ‘fit’ with the limited space available.

Most visitors who drive there usually park at their hotel and rent scooters not only for fun in the sun but also for convenience.

Not to mention the amazing unobstructed views granted by these two-wheeled toys.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida, this small, friendly Old Florida town is a dream for scooter owners.

The island maintains a chill vibe with speed limits that top out at 35 mph.

The seven-mile stretch of paradise has amazing views, beautiful white sand beaches, and world class sunsets.

This is one charming town that has not been ruined by an invasion of condos and Florida chain restaurants.

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, shall we?

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Commonly referred to as “Jax Beach,” this beach town has the best chill beach vibe ever.

You simply can’t check out all of the local shops, restaurants, and venues in one day.

Though you can’t drive on Jax beach, there are many free parking lots right on the beach.

Jax beach has a Cali vibe, with a diverse population of people (to silently wonder about).

Locals are loyal to supporting their small businesses and very friendly so feel free to ask around for tips!

Sanibel Island, Florida

One more for the west coast…and it’s a good one!

Located on Florida’s southern Gulf coast, Sanibel Island is the perfect beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of it all.

You will go through areas where the view from both sides is just water and blue skies and other areas where palms trees create a canopy shielding you from the hot sun.

Similar to Amelia Island, ordinances banned high-rises, stoplights and chain restaurants.

The difference between Amelia Island and Sanibel Island you ask?

Sanibel Island lies east to west instead of north to south, which helps it with its shell game.

It is famously known as “the shell capital of the world.”

So be sure to stop and get yourself a free souvenir while you’re scootin’ around the island.

So what are you waiting for?

The time to visit these awesome chill-vibe beach towns is now, before winter hits and you have to deal with temps below 80 degrees!

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