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Is your scooter having some problems when running? Below are some of the most common scooter problems and troubleshooting tips that will help to get most scooter engines up and running. Some of the tips may also work for power chairs and other electric personal vehicles.

The scooter fails to start

The scooter may fail to start due to a number of reasons. The most common reason is the battery. Check and ensure that the scooter charging system is well connected to the scooter’s engine. You may plug the battery charger into a standard power outlet until the battery is fully charged.

The battery is full but the scooter won’t run

There may be several reasons why the scooter is not running even with a full battery. Here are some of the reasons

The key might not have been inserted and turned to the ON position. If so insert the key and turn it to the ON position.

Turn off the manual freewheeling lever. The lever has been manually put to enable you disengage the motor and braking system of the scooter whenever you need to push the scooter manually.

To ensure that it is not the problem, remove the ignition key from the scooter and wait for a half a minute before inserting the key back. This feature is meant to prevent the battery from being discharged while the scooter’s engine is not running. The feature is activated once the scooter is idle for about 3 to 5 minutes.

If the above does not work, push the main circuit button. You may find the button labeled as the RESET button in some scooter models.

The scooter runs slowly even when on full throttle

Your scooter might hesitate due to one of the following reasons

If you are operating the scooter at a highly inclined slope, it may hesitate even when working fine.

If the weight that the scooter carries is close to its maximum carrying capacity, the engine may be slow even at full throttle.

The circuit breaker trips regularly

If the batteries have a problem, the scooter’s circuit breaker may trip regularly. You may have them tested for strength at a service center. If they are found to be weak, consider having them replaced.

If you have tried most of these tips and seems not to get solutions, consider having the scooter tested by a professional service center.

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  1. back pain during riding…common problems with scooters are often associated with the engine..if the engine does not start , this may be the cause of improper storage during the winter , ignition problems..

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