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Being a good listener will ensure that you are able to hear any funny voices that you scooter makes. These may be when riding your scooter and you wonder what could be wrong with your scooter. Odd new sounds, voices and vibrations from your scooter are a signal that something is probably wrong with your scooter.

In most cases these funny noises and sounds are usually a warning. With any scooter types, the sources of these sounds and noises can be both unusual and routine, but others may be distinctive warning of specific scooter problems. The common rattle from your scooter can be a loose external component and that just needs some tightening up or buying a new fastener. Below are 2 of these sounds and noises on your scooter and what they may mean for your scooter.

  1. Snap, crackle, pop

This sound may indicate a “short “or a leakage of the ignition energy to the ground. This is most likely to be especially if it is accompanied by a hesitation of the engine. This sound may be caused by the ignition energy that are arcing from a flaw or a crack in the spark plugs wire insulations, the caps of the spark plugs to the engine, frame or other metallic components. Carefully inspect whether the wires and the caps are in perfect order. The costs of these components are low and you should replace them when you have doubts.

  1. Boo, hiss sound

This sound eliminates from deflated tires. The ability to hear your tires going down simply means that you stop the situation from becoming a potential crash. Flooded cell battery on the charger or the charging system which is seriously overcharged causes the electrolytes to off. The gas can cause a hissing sound since the gas if being forced out from the overflow tube, out of a crack on the case or out of the cell cap. You should stop immediately this charging condition will help protect you from a potential battery burst.

Some other sources that may produce this hissing sound may include radiator leaks, blown gaskets and exhaust system that is leaking. These sounds cannot disable your scooter immediately but they signal the need for service of your scooter very soon.

These are just but two sounds and noise that you should look out for in your scooter as you ride it. The sounds and noises your scooter can create are unlimited. Being familiar with your scooter will ensure that you know the sounds it produces normally and which are not.

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  1. i just want to say that if there is problem with your scoty like sound problem then solve that problem immediately becoz its create noise problem that can b so dangerous for everybody…

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