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Used 80cc Scooter For Sale: Professionally Upgraded 50cc Scooter (Modified to 80cc).

Professionally Modified 49cc Scooter, upgraded to 80cc with its Big Bore Kit etc., but registered as a 49cc so there’s no DMV. No m/c license required!

Want to find an orange, used 80cc scooter for sale? This one has faded paint but if looking new isn’t a problem for you, and performing better than new is, then be the first one here to buy it. Sure ain’t the pertiest, but other scooter riders won’t be able to catch you to get close enough to see it! The price reflects this too.

Oh, by the way, this used 80cc scooter for sale will go 45mph (or faster depending on your weight), and Runs Great!

Maybe we can use our lift truck to bring it to you. We’re offering free delivery w/in 15mi. of the Hot Street Scooters shop.

Buy This Used 80cc Scooter For Sale

It’s not cool to be slow and in the way. With faster scooter, you’d finally be able to pass people! Vvvvrrrooooooooooom! haha ?

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This 50cc gas motor scooter is now mechanically performing strong and fast like a 80cc scooter. That’s because mechanically speaking, it IS a 80cc scooter. It’s just that it’s registered as a 50cc and that will save you money.

Hot Street Scooters New & Used Motor Scooters & Parts… will beef up any 50cc scooter that you already own for you to go faster! Call them now!

Hot Street Scooters will take trades on new scooters too.

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