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Wheelie after GY6-50cc-Engine-Upgrades

What kind of GY6 50cc engine upgrades can you do to your scooter to make it go faster? Well, there are some quick and not so dirty upper end and lower end modifications you can do yourself.

The GY6 engine design is a four-stroke single-cylinder in a near horizontal orientation with a single piston built off of the Honda gy6 engine design, that first came out in the 1980s. These trusty motors are used on a number of Asian scooters from Taiwan, China, and surrounding countries. They are fairly quiet when running and reliable. Since 2017 Hot Street Scooters has sold interchangeable, quality GY6 parts for the 49cc to 250cc engines as well as many body parts and other accessories.

Top 18 GY6 50cc Engine Upgrades

  1. Fuel filter
  2. Air filter
  3. Performance ignition coil
  4. Spark plugs
  5. Analog Performance CDI
  6. Exhaust upgrade
  7. 20mm carburetor
  8. Performance variator kit
  9. Lighter sliders (sliding rollers)
  10. Torque and clutch springs
  11. Performance racing cam
  12. Big bore kit
  13. Bigger drive gear
  14. increase the diameter of the spindle or change their rear sprocket size, depending on whether your scooter has a spindle or a chain drive

After someone has done the really basic tweaks to their ride, like air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, they generally move up to some more challenging GY6 50cc engine upgrades.

How Performance CDI Fits Into GY6 50cc Engine Upgrades

The CDI, or capacitor discharge ignition, is an electronic ignition which is pretty standard in scooters. It regulates your engine timing and controls the spark intensity of the ignition. Generally speaking it increases the spark’s power in the spark plug. A high performance CDI will advance the engine timing allowing for higher low rpm torque and higher top end speeds.

Why the Exhaust Is One Of the More Common GY6 50cc Engine Upgrades

Adding high performance exhaust is not that difficult so we advise you to tackle that one next. Increased exhaust flow will more efficiently get rid of exhaust and improve the inflow of fresh air/fuel mixture into the cylinder. You could gut the stock muffler, removing the baffles but that is a loud option. You’ll be more well liked in the neighborhood if you replace it altogether with a high performance muffler.

When your GY6 50cc Engine Upgrades Include Exhaust Handling, Carburetor Tuning Is Important

The additional air flow from the exhaust needs a properly tuned carburetor to enable the proper amount of fuel to mix with the air so you can produce more power. Re-jet your carb and then check the spark plugs to see if you’re running too lean, too rich, or just right. Definitely don’t want to end up too lean and hot. Other than re-jetting the carburetor, you could actually swap the whole carb out with a bigger one.

Performance Variator – Lighter Sliding Rollers

Traditionally, the gear ratio in scooter CVTs is changed by the in-and-out rolling movement of the roller weights. With the innovative sliding roller weights, the roller weights “slide” inward and outward in the Movable Drive Pulley (MDF) to change/extend the gear ratio. You can buy just the lighter rollers in a variety of weights, or get the whole kit which includes: Drive Face, Variator Spacer, Drive Face Movable Pulley, 9 X Roller Weights (3 X 5g, 3 X 7g, 3 X 9g), Ramp Plate with 3 X slide clips, Drive Face movable seal pulley, High torsion clutch springs.

Performance Torque Spring

Our Performance 2000 RPM Torque Spring for 50cc QMB139 GY6 4-stroke engine is designed to provide varying pressure to the sliding variator plate for different acceleration purposes and tuning.

Performance Cam

The cam shaft controls the opening and closing of the valves. This, in turn, controls the flow of air and fuel into and out of the engine which determines engine performance, fuel economy and emissions. Our racing cam increases the length of each valve stroke, which allows for more air to enter through the inlet valves, increasing the power potential of the engine.

Best GY6 50cc Engine Upgrades Include A Big Bore Kit

Big bore kit will increase your speed and power by increasing your engine displacement from 49cc to 80cc without any licensing changes because the scooter is registered as a 49cc scooter. This kit includes a bored out cylinder, plus all the parts that you need along with the bigger 80cc cylinder and piston for making your 49cc scooter into a 80cc monster. A big bore kit is undoubtedly one of the first modifications that scooter riders go for. Our big bore kit increases the combustion chamber area of your scooter allowing more air/fuel mixture to burn. The advantage of this is that it increases you two-wheeled beauty’s performance significantly – it gives you more horsepower.


Do one or a couple of these GY6 50cc engine upgrades, or do them in groups and stages, or use all of these suggested GY6 50cc engine upgrades. You’ll increase torque, power, speed, efficiency, and even the engine displacement size, but most of all, you’ll increase the FUN FACTOR!

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