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Scooter cruising is becoming a popular trend all over the World. While there are numerous Scooter classifications according to their performance,quality,model,speed and price, it is possible to modify your scooter. A big bore kit is undoubtedly one of the most sought after modification for most scooter riders. With the right big bore kit classification, you can easily achieve the desired results. It is important to remember that by upgrading to a bigger bore you may also have to change other parts such as the carburetor and pipe too.

What does a Big Bore kit do for your scooter?

  1. Increases the size of your cylinder

A Big bore kit usually increases the size of your Scooter’s cylinder.Consequently,it boosts your Scooter’s horsepower .While going for a larger cylinder does not always guarantee your scooter will become better ,it increases its performance depending on your preferred big bore kit. For instance, a mild 70cc big bore kit can generate up to 8hp and runs of between 8-9000rpm’s on a 50cc scooter designed for 7000rpms and 4-5hp.On the other hand, you can opt for a high-performance big bore kit which can effortlessly generate more than 20hp at a 20000rpm’s.For effectiveness, it is important to choose the right cylinder for your scooter. An ideal big bore kit for a middle of the road performance should generate about 10hp at a run of between 9-12,000rpm’s.

  1. Increases the combustion chamber area

Well just like most modifications, a big bore kit  can lead to more fuel consumption. The truth is that it increases the combustion chamber area of your scooter  allowing more air/fuel mixture to burn. The advantage of this is that it increases you two-wheeled beauty’s performance significantly. On the other hand, you have to prepare to spend more on fuel than before. Some engines run hotter than others depending on your scooter.

  1. Increases your horsepower

When you opt for a big bore kit it gives you more horsepower. This may not necessarily equate to more speed but it impacts positively on your scooter’s overall performance effectively. An upgrade of big bore kit will definitely ensure that you get better acceleration  as a result of an increase in torque.However,the truth is that the scooter’s rpm’s will likely top out near stock values.


It is wise to consult a professional mechanic when you are considering to upgrade to a big bore kit for convenience purpose. Feel free to talk to Scooter spare parts specialists at Hot Street Scooters for more information.

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