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What Roads are safe to drive my scooter on?

Scooters are not only appealing but economical. As a result of that, they have become the best alternative for numerous people who commute solo every day. Today, most urban dwellers have a preference for two-wheelers to get them to and from work or run some errands. Despite all that, it is a fact that scooter riders are more vulnerable to injury as compared to other road users. To prevent injuries, disabilities or even death it is imperative to ensure that you ride on roads which are safe for you. Well, to be realistic, an experienced scooter rider can ride in any road without trouble. Your road safety as a rider is determined by your riding style, experience, and scooter classification.

Deciding to ride on freeways, highways or on local surface streets is normally a rider’s personal choice. There are numerous scooter riders who travel on Interstate highways, freeways and expressways on a daily basis without any complications. While riding on major highways is not much fun for many riders, others find it fascinating depending on their scooters and experience.

However, it’s safer for you to ride on roads with less traffic. It’s extremely hard to enjoy the scenery when you are constantly worried about incoming or outgoing traffic. The truth is that riding on crowded roads increases your chances of getting clipped by motorists. Riding in heavy traffic means paying more attention to vehicles behind or ahead of you for your own safety.

It is also advisable to ride on flat surfaced roads for your own safety. Braking becomes challenging on roads full of gravel and potholes. This is why you should always avoid cruising at high speed to avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents as a scooter rider. Don’t forget that Scooter tires are normally smaller than those used in motorbikes which make them vulnerable to large potholes or gravels.

Riding your scooter on a rural freeway especially with little traffic is also safe for you than trying to maneuver your two-wheeler on a major one jammed with all kind of vehicles. Freeways normally frighten many riders but they are much safer than the usual surface streets. Traveling at higher speeds on any road can put you at risk unless you are a highly experienced rider. Every road offers its own unique demands for scooter riders. It is prudent to ride your scooter on roads that you feel comfortable maneuvering or stopping without having to worry about being hit from behind.


Scooters can be a lot of fun for you as a rider provided you know what you are doing. The bottom line is that any road can be safe for you provided you have the right scooter and adequate experience as a rider.

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