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Do you ride a scooter? Well, if you are a fan of the two- wheeled rides you probably know that riding a scooter is fun. Despite that, you will need to change your tires at some point for your own safety. Scooter tires are normally smaller as compared to their other two wheeled cousins the Motorcycles. Their small size shouldn’t fool you into thinking that they don’t serve their unique purpose effectively. They are engineered and designed in a special way.

When is it appropriate to change your scooter tires?

Here’s when;

  1. Your tire have reached the legal tread wear limit

Whether your scooter dons top tire brands such as Michelin,Pirelli,Kenda or Avon among others you have to go shopping ones they have reached the legal wear limit of 1mm.It is advisable to change your scooter tires immediately the rubber has worn down to their lowest level. It is actually prudent to change your tires before they reach the legal tread wear limit for your safety purpose. It is extremely dangerous to ride your scooter with tires which have exceeded the legal wear limit of 1mm.To guarantee your own safety ,consider going shopping for new tires immediately you see the tread on the current ones disappearing.

  1. Tire is prone to Puncture

While Scooter Tire are designed to be durable and to withstand numerous impacts they can always get punctured. In the event of a punctured tire, it is wise to consider taking it to a professional scooter mechanic for intense inspection. Should the mechanic tell you that the punctures are more likely to reoccur after repair, then, change the tire. The advantage of working with a professional mechanic is that he/she will inspect the scooter tire’s interior chamber and give the right recommendations.

  1. Decreased Grip Levels

You should always pay attention to your scooter tires grip levels as a rider. Being mindful of your tires grip levels can save you from numerous troubles. A decreased grip level can jeopardize your own safety as well as that of other road users. A decrease in grip levels impacts on your scooters movement, braking and stability which can be perilous. On the occasion of your tires grip decreasing just know that the time to budget for new ones has come.

  1. Signs of tires aging

A scooter tire’s lifespan can be affected by numerous factors such as; riding style, tire pressure, weather conditions, road conditions and load among others. As a rider it is imperative to inspect your scooter tires on a regularly for any signs of aging. Never ignore any deformations, cracks in the tread or any external signs of wear for safety reasons. As a precaution you should replace your tires after they give a clear sign of aging.


As a precaution scooter tires should be changed every 2-3 years. Embrace the above information to gauge whether your Scooter needs new tires or not. Contact Hot Street Scooters  for the best Scooter deals in town.

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