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When to replace fuel filter

Most scooter lovers do not feel enthusiastic about fuel filters. However its proper functioning is highly significant to the overall well-being of a scooter. If your scooter lacked a fuel filter, the fuel in your scooter would get tainted by any type of paint chips, dirt and crud.

The fuel filter helps to protect the injectors and fuel pump, as well as ensuring that your scooter achieves the highest possible fuel efficiency. Most people forget about the importance of a good fuel filter and take them quite some time to replace it.

Replacing your fuel filter

Just like every other part of your scooter, fuel filters require maintenance too. It might be easy to put off. However, it is indispensable and worth of your scooter. During maintenance, always ask your mechanic to check your fuel filters to know when they need to be changed. Failure to this, you risk the engine performance of your scooter.

At times, your ca might have a reduced flow of fuel because of foreign particles. This would be a perfect moment to change your fuel filter.

Shaky engine idling

You could be sitting at a stop light only to realize a herky-jerky feeling on your scooter engine. It could imply an inhibition to the fuel flow. There could also be a fair chance that the filter is clogged and needs replacing.

Failure to start

There are many reasons that your engine will not start. One of the major reasons for a no-start is when the engine cannot draw fuel. Maybe you did not notice the symptoms of improper fuel distribution before the no-start occurred. Therefore it makes certain that the fuel filter is the problem. Find time to have it replaced.

Hard to start

If the engine has a partial blockage as compared to a full one, your scooter will start, but be sure to struggle with it. At such an instance, you will need to address the issue with urgency before the filter dies and you will remain stranded.

Struggling in low speeds

You will need to replace your scooter’s fuel filter if the engine receives fuel just well while driving along the highway but becomes shaky as you pull out. The moment you realise such an occurrence, check your filter. Get in touch with professionals who will advice you on the next course of action.

Engine dying as you drive

You could have observed that your scooter has a fuel distribution problem. As you ask your mechanic to check the engine, be ready to get a new fuel filter for replacement.

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